Our State of Minnesota (and any other state that’s requested) Wall Art piece is probably the product we’re the most proud of on our site.  We firmly believe in equality for all people, and with that, we’re donating $10 from every PRIDE wall art piece we sell to a charity called RECLAIM (great name too) who offers mental health support to LGBTQ youth in the Minneapolis / St Paul area.

You can order one for your home to show your pride in humanity and the place you live, and/or they also make a fantastic gift with a great story of helping others!

A lot of work goes into each State PRIDE Wall Art piece.  Here’s most of the steps:


We start by cutting an 8 foot long 1×8 board into 24 pieces, all 16 inches long.

2019.08.12 e


Then we sand each piece to they’re silky smooth..

2019.08.12 i


Then we paint each piece one of the 6 colors of the PRIDE flag…

2019.08.12 f


And then glue the pieces together in alternating PRIDE flag colors….

2019.08.12 c


Then the real fun starts!  We cut out the shape of Minnesota (or any other state or country) on our little bandsaw…..

2019.08.12 g2019.08.12 h


Then we individually paint the edges to match the front……

2019.08.12 d2019.08.12 b


Finally we seal the piece with a couple coats of satin poly (not shown) and then it’s all done!

2019.08.12 a

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